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When Selling:

  • Do you know the names of all the documents that you have to include in a Contract for sale of land? (And where to find them?)
  • Do you know what information you are legally required to disclose to prospective buyers?
  • How about what items are usually included in a sale?
  • How to make amendments to the Contract so that they are legally binding?
  • What your responsibilities are at “exchange” and “settlement”?
  • Without professional help, not many property owners are able to answer all these questions… Which means they may not be able to ensure that the legal requirements of preparing a Contract are satisfied.
  • In fact, most property owners will need a licensed conveyancer or solicitor to prepare a Contract for them.

At Albury Conveyancing Service we know how to address all the issues that commonly affect sellers.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, right now there could be any number of issues that may cause a delay in settling your sale.

How we assist our clients in selling their home:

Contract preparation and marketing phase

  • Before you put your property on the market, we’ll prepare the contract for sale of your property
  • We will order all the searches required to be included in the contract for sale and prepare the contract based on your instructions.
  • We will provide the contract to your real estate agent so that they can commence marketing the property for sale.
  • We will promptly respond to any legal enquiries received from prospective purchasers or their solicitors.
  • We will assist in negotiating any amendments requested by prospective purchasers or their solicitors in relation to the contract for sale.
  • We will organise for you to sign the contract and for an exchange of contracts after your agent has negotiated the terms of sale of the property. Sometimes the agent will arrange for contracts to exchange.

After Exchange and Settlement

  • We will assist you with letting your lender know that you have sold the property and arrange to complete, sign and return to the lender the lender’s form of discharge authority.
  • We will assist you with preparing replies to the purchaser’s requisitions on title.
  • We will arrange for you to sign the transfer in readiness for settlement.
  • We will coordinate settlement with your discharging lender and the purchaser’s solicitor.
  • We will finalise settlement figures and the calculation of settlement adjustments, as well as obtain a payout amount from your lender.
  • We will attend at settlement and collect the settlement money, deliver the payout amount to your lender and deliver the certificate of title and transfer to the purchaser’s solicitor.
  • Arrange for any surplus funds to be deposited into your bank account if required.
  • After settlement we will report to you regarding the settlement.
  • We will notify the agent that settlement has taken place.

And that’s it

If you’d like to know more about Albury Conveyancing Service contact us now. Or go to our contact page and email us for a quote.