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If you let us know you’re in the market to refinance your loan, then we can help you transfer your mortgage to your new lender

It’s never been easier to refinance your loan than it is today.  And in the current loan market, you may find you can improve your lending rate and the terms of your loan if you’re prepared to go with another lender.

The problem with refinancing your loan through a different lender

If you choose a new company to refinance your loan, you need to be able to answer the following questions…

  • Are there any stamp duty implications related to the refinance?
  • How do I let my current lender know?
  • How do I arrange for my current lender to provide to me a payout amount and a discharge of mortgage?
  • What will the new lender need me to do?
  • What do I need to do with the documents provided to me by the new lender?
  • The new lender has asked me to provide a number of items. Where do I get these items?
  • How will my current lender and my new lender finalise the refinance?
  • What will happen to my certificate of title?

Some lenders will “hold your hand” through the refinancing process. But others will not.

However, that doesn’t mean refinancing has to be stressful.

If you are refinancing an existing loan, Albury Conveyancing Service can help you through the refinancing process.

We can review and advise on the loan and mortgage documents from your new lender as well as coordinate the discharge of your current lender’s mortgage.

We can tell whether or not you must pay stamp duty or whether or not there is an exemption available to you.